Introduction to the Shopping District

Walking among the artfully latticed houses of the historic district (which is nicknamed “Little Kyoto”), and hearing the voices of the elderly women selling seasonal mountain vegetables at the morning market, will make any visitor feel like they have come home.
At the Takayama Festival, rows of dazzling, elegant festival floats show the combination of masterful technique, cleverness and stylishness of Hida. The grandeur shocks visitors who don’t suspect to see something like this in a small mountain town.
Many of the people who visit Takayama are repeat visitors on another visit.
Now, Hida Takayama is a famous tourist destination, but the secret to its popularity is that the town was not made for tourists; it is still a vital city where people still live in latticed houses, and locals still buy vegetables in early-morning markets.
Our Yasugawa Shopping District is unique because it is so close to these tourist attractions such as the Miyagawa morning market, and the historic district. Also, at either end of the Yasugawa Street, you can enjoy two festivals a year, the spring and fall Takayama Festivals. As a result, the street bustles with both locals and tourists, and even if they don’t know the name “Yasugawa Shopping District” they still enjoy it.
This homepage was created with the intention of providing assistance to these people. We would be delighted if you think “Let’s go to this store when we visit Takayama,” or “Wow, I didn’t know there were places like this in Yasugawa.”

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