Shumi no Mise: Hiiragido

This shop sells an array of good luck charms, such as daruma dolls, beckoning cats, arrow charms, ceremonial gift bags, and more.
Visitors can also find animal goods that are said to bring good luck, such as pigs, cats, owls, frogs, and turtles.
Owl goods from all over the world, as well as beckoning cats from all over Japan and Shiragaki Tanuki, which have recently been very popular with foreigners, are available here.
Other goods include glassware, bamboo crafts, folkcraft toys, Indian incense, Indian cotton clothing, wind chimes from Bali, and turtle and frog charms from Mexico.
This shop is sometimes called “a toybox turned upside down.” Please stop by and have a look.
Shop name : Shumi no Mise: Hiiragido
Shop type : Folkcraft, handicraft, miscellaneous goods
Business hours : 9:30 am ~ 5:00 pm
Closed : Some Tuesdays
Address : 3 Shimoichinomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture
Telephone : 0577-32-2218