Here, we introduce the sightseeing spots around Yasugawa Shotengai.

Nakabashi Bridge

This is a vermillion-lacquered bridge crossing the Miyagawa River, which flows through the center of Takayama.
The bridge connects Takayama Jinya and Takayama Old Town. This spot is especially spectacular during spring when the cherry blossoms along the Miyagawa River are in full bloom. 

Takayama Jinya

This is Japan’s only remaining regional administrative building of the feudal period. Inside, there is a courtroom where legal procedures were once held.

Miyagawa Morning Market

This morning market is located on the east side of Kajibashi Bridge, on the downstream side.
Located adjacent to Yasugawa Shotengai, many shoppers gather here.

Jinya-mae Morning Market

This is a morning market that is held in a plaza in front of Takayama Jinya.
This is also a popular destination for shoppers.


The townscape of Kamisannomachi is representative of Takayama, and offers visitors a trip back in time to the Edo period. The secret to its popularity is its authenticity—people still live their everyday lives in this part of town.

Yoshijima Heritage House

This building is representative of a typical merchant home in Takayama. Visitors can appreciate the subtle and dignified architectural beauty that this building exhibits.

Kusakabe Mingeikan

This building showcases the unique characteristics of the regional architecture in its beam and window layout.

Kokubunji Temple

Kokubunji Temple of Iozen offers sights of the three-storied pagoda, as well as the bell tower gate, which is thought to have been moved from Takayama Castle. There is also a foundation stone that is over 1,200 years old.
Also, the large gingko tree that is familiar to locals is believed to forecast the snowfall of the following winter through its shedding of leaves.

Hida Folk Village

Over 30 houses built in the gassho-zukuri architectural style, which are capable of withstanding tremendous snowfall, as well as other houses representative of Hida architecture are located in this village. Activities such as quilt and straw processing and various seasonal events take place here.