Here, we introduce all the “face cutout boards” located along the Yasugawa Shotengai.


Sarubobo needs no introduction!
This is the most popular one. Everyone seems to be taking pictures here!
Located: Section 1, near Kabochayasan

Shrine maiden

This is a face cutout board of a shrine maiden.
Taking a picture here will bring you miracles!
Don’t quote us on that, though…
Located: Section 2, near Jingoro Ramen


Known locally as “Kankako” or “Kankako-kan,” the festival procession proceeds while sounding a gong. In Hida, this festival includes music and dance performances that feature just a gong, and has developed into a unique Shinto ritual performing art.
Located: Section 3, near Fukuju Shikki

Shishimai (Lion Dance)

These “dancing lions” spearhead festival processions, clearing the way of evil spirits. In Hida, most Shishimai have red noses, while the eyes, which are usually white, are painted gold.
Located: Section 4, near Tanimatsu


This is based on a Hoteitai marionette that appears during the Autumn Takayama Festival.
His chubby frame and the boy sitting on his shoulder adds to the charm.
Located: Section 5, near KONG